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Xbox 360 Video Streaming

2008-03-11 00:00:00 by Michael 0 Comments
Tags: xbox video networking linux

Last night I set up ushare to stream videos from my PC to the Xbox, it's a lot more comfortable sitting on the couch to watch movies and now I can just download anything that I want to watch.

Setting things up wasn't too difficult, I had to add an extra NIC and run a crossover cable for the connection, I also had to set up IP masquerading which only requires 4 simple iptables rules. After that stuff is done just start up ushare and point it to your video directory, the Xbox will automatically see the share and let you browse videos.

If you don't have an Xbox ushare also works with the Playstation 3 or any other UPNP or DLNA device, there's also dedicated boxes that you can buy for your TV that just need a network connection.